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K. Bruce Harpster, M.A. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

"Our 4-year-old daughter has really improved under Mr. Harpster's guidance.  She is learning to communicate.  The attitude is so encouraging and loving -
a tremendous support for our daughter and family!  He has a real gift for working with young children.

--Parent of a 4-year old child.

"In the short time our son [name withheld] has worked with Mr. Bruce, he has improved his speech.  The best part is the parent is allowed to see the speech session which is very very good.  I learned a lot from [Bruce], like how to make my son do his homework.  The other five days, I practice with him doing his homework and he is able to improve his skills.  [Bruce] has a lot of patience and excellent technical skills.  We are highly grateful to Mr. Bruce Harpster

--Software-Designer -father and  mother of a 7-year-old boy with Autism

"Few professors get trained in techniques for public speaking.  Even though I had years of teaching and speaking experience, I was finding my voice strained at the end of an hour or two of lecturing to larger classes.  Bruce Harpster asked about my particular class schdule, the room, and my habits for preparing.  I learned that I was doing some things properly but that there were many aspects of speaking that I had never known about.  Since my training sessions with Bruce, I have become aware of my own physical readiness to speak on a given day.  I have improved my lecturing style a great deal and seldom feel in danger of straining my voice."

Full Professor and Lecturer
Rutgers University
Department of Sociology

"I had always wondered why I sounded so weird beside Americans and why sometimes people did not understand my English.  Thanks to Mr. Harpster's patience and helpful guidance I'm very glad I've improved not only my pronunciation but also my ability to understand English speakers better than before."

Graduate Student
Rutgers University

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